Common Garage Door Myths

There are many myths when it comes to garage doors. At Perfection Garage Doors we are dedicated to providing you the information you need to make informed decisions about the safety and façade of your garage door.

MYTH: All Garage Doors are Created Equally: Like many products on the market today, garage doors are available in varying material quality. If you choose to install a garage door with a poor degree of quality, then it could wind up costing you more in the long run. It is important to choose a garage door that is constructed with high quality materials, ensuring a longer life expectancy and performance.

MYTH: All Garage Doors are Loud: Not all garage doors are noisy. If you are experiencing an abnormal amount of noise when you open / close your garage door, there could be a problem. At Perfection Garage Doors we offer free estimates to assess if your door is in working order. Because this is most likely the largest moving object on your home, it is important not to wait when you notice anything out of the ordinary.

MYTH: Garage Doors Never Need Maintenance: This is quite possibly the most dangerous myth of all. Since garage doors are being opened and closed so often, they are under great strain everyday. We encourage routine maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your door and keep it in working order.

MYTH: All Garage Doors Look the Same: On most homes the garage door is the largest part of its façade. If your garage door does not match the style of your house it could be brining down your curb appeal. With thousands of designs and custom doors on the market today, make sure your garage door is making the right statement. At Perfection Garage Doors we will be happy to come out and show you a wide variety of options that will fit your home’s style.