Common Signs of a Problematic Garage Door

Being one of the largest moving objects on your home, your garage door should always be in working order to ensure the security and safety of your family. Whether you have a large issue such as your door not opening or closing properly, or a seemingly small problem like a squeaky door, it is important to get these problems resolved as soon as possible. Here are the most common signs of a problematic garage door and why you should contact Perfection Garage Doors should any of these signs occur.

Garage Door not Opening/Closing Properly: The most common reason why your garage door may not be opening/closing properly is because your photo sensors are not aligned. If your sensors are out of alignment you may experience several indicators that they need to be serviced:

If your garage door can be raised, but will not close or begins to close and comes back up.

If the lights on the opener are blinking

If the small LED light on the sensor is not lit up or is blinking.

There are many reasons why your garage door may not be operating properly, to ensure the problem gets resolved the first time call Perfection Garage Doors for a free estimate.

Garage Door not Operating with Ease If your garage door is not going up or down with ease, there could be a potential problem with your spring. Sometimes the problem can occur because the spring needs to be adjusted, however, it is not something to wait for. These springs are very dangerous and should be operated on only by a professional. Call Perfection Garage Doors as soon as you notice a your garage door is not working properly.

While these are not the only indicators your garage door needs to be serviced, they are the most common. Our technicians are always happy to come inspect the working order of your door. Don’t wait until it is too late before having your garage door and parts checked.